S: 80x 42 CM; 

M: 90 x 42 CM; 

L: 100 X 42 CM; 

XL: 110 X 42 CM; 

XXL: 120 x 42 CM;

This product is made of elastic neoprene and can be used to correct the back.

Preventing deformation of the spine: It can effectively prevent non-pathological thoracic cubits and curvature of the spine, correct the unhealthy posture of adolescents in dynamic and static state, and effectively help the human body to maintain correct posture of sitting, standing, walking and walking.

Relieve body fatigue: It can balance the shoulders, back, waist and abdomen of the body, relieve muscle fatigue, protect the waist and back, and maintain the body posture and posture.

It is suitable for all kinds of people who suffer from long-term standing, sedentary desks, and long-term postures, which cause fatigue of the back muscles and shoulder pain.

The balance of the body's gravity is maintained on the coronal, sagittal and axial surfaces of the spine, reducing the burden on the muscles, promoting the normal growth and development of the spine, and achieving the effect of correcting the poor posture.

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